Lime electronic inversion table design 2023. Lime is a company that manufactures and sells healthcare equipment. The project, which was commissioned in 2023, aimed to design an inversion table suitable for the interior space. The design of the electric inversion table was unrefined and clunky, which did not suit the home interior.

Harmony with interior & Guarantee privacy

The goal of this project was to refine the complex form concisely and to conduct study on how much exercise equipment could be made to fit into the interior environment. And it was to study so that when the inversion table rotates 180 angles, it guarantees the user's privacy and feels more comfortable than existing products in the process of use.

The handle of the electronic inversion table on the market is attached to the motor, making it inconvenient for the user to grab it. We placed the handle of the inversion table in a position that is easy to grab when the user lies on the product. We also expanded the width of the backrest so that users can feel stable when lying on the product.

We thought the main impression of this product would be determined by the shape of the side plate. So we studied a design language that can emphasize the motor, which is an essential element of the electronic inversion table. We defined the soft square plate shape that is deformed by the ball as the core visual of this product. Based on this, we studied the consistent design to be applied to the different components and details that make up the product.

Object with Name

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