blend is a living home appliance brand that pursues natural harmony. Just as natural elements come together to form a beautiful landscape, blend imagines that home appliances harmonize within a natural home interior without harming it.

The naming and logo of "blend" is an idea derived from the brand's key keyword, "natural harmony." Rather than revealing its presence in any background, it was intended to blend naturally with that background. It's designed to bring out the modern font feel, but when you appreciate the brand's products, including the logo, the brand's logo is mixed with the product as if it were camouflaged.

The first product to be released in blend is a humidifier that evaporates water through the wind. Based on this brand's philosophy, we conducted a design study of the product to be released in 2024. 

Idea 1. Teum _ doesn't look like humidifier Idea 2. Loch _ makes the product easy to manage. Idea 3. Fountain _ A comfortable meeting with users

Object with Name

Object with Name은 산업디자인과 브랜딩을 기반으로 다양한 작업을 수행하는 디자인스튜디오입니다. 제품이 어떤 목적에서 비롯되는지에 대해 깊이 고민하고 제품을 자연스럽게 사용할 수 있도록 하며 또한 제품이 가진 고유한 아름다움을 느낄 수 있도록 디자인하고 있습니다.


industrial design
3d visualization
brand design


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